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    M Code - change field names

    Hi I need to change a number of field Names in a DataTable. Dozens, and it may chnage going fwd, hence the need for automation. I have Table (FieldNameChgTable) with the fields to change. Can anybody PLEASE help with the M-Code to loop through the FieldNameChgTable to update the DataTable. I...
  2. J

    Losing Lookup references when refreshing datatable

    Hi All I am having troubles in trying to maintain references to a SQL datatable. I have a sheet where the user enters an order number, there is some VBA codes that runs an SQL script to an external database to bring back information to a datatable. All this works fine. However there is then...
  3. L

    How to locate Datatable's formula

    Hi all, I know how to use What if Analysis to create a Datatable. When I look at others' excel model, I saw =TABLE(P12,S10) in the cell. I know it's a Datatable using two variables. My question is how to locate that formula in the workbook. How do I know what formula the Datatable using...
  4. Y

    Using VBA to download data from tables on multiple webpages into Excel

    Hello, I am a graduate student attempting to do research on US lotteries. I would like to copy the data on the number of Powerball winners from the Powerball website into excel. The data from each drawing is located on separates webpages. The data goes back to 1997, and drawings are twice a...
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    Linked Combo Boxes-dataTable lookup

    I have pieced together the following code to link my second combo box based on the value of the first combo box. I have a couple of issues that I could use your help with to make this more functional. Once this code is working then I will apply it to about 6 other combo boxes. Specifics: I...
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    Clearing DataTable But Retain Formulas

    I have a dataTable in Excel 2007 that contains columns A-P that are entered via a UserForm which works perfectly. There are formulas in columns Q through KO (285 columns, wow). So far so good. Steps my user goes through: Step 1) Enter the data via UserForm starting on row 2 of the dataTable...

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