datatype problem

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    Wrong DataType parsed into Function

    I have a function that starts as follows: Function Timings(StartTime As Double, EndTime As Double, Times As Range, Calc As Long) StartTime will refer to a cell in Column A that holds a date and time EndTime will refer to a cell in Column B that holds a date and time Times is the range of cells...
  2. C

    PowerPivot interprets numbers as dates

    Hi all I have just recently discovered PowerPivot and are pretty excited about it's potential. But... It also gives me some headaches! I have a csv-file containing round 300 thousand lines. I have successfully loaded it into PowerPivot several times, until I began to expand the number of...
  3. G

    Datatype mismatch

    Hi all, i am extracting data from Ms acess to excel spreadsheet. the datatype in Ms-acess is date. but format of data is not correnct in spreadsheet, few records are left alined i.e. text type.when i try to edit it i found the records are followed by (') apostrophe.below is the output records...

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