date auto-fill

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    Building schedule - formula for start and finish dates to automatically update cell colour

    Hi, I'm relatively new to Excel, but I'm currently working for a construction company in planning the start and finish dates, and just general progress for their construction projects. I'm currently working off of very basic spreadsheets, where everything is entered manually. I know I could...
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    Insert Column with heading "Detail" and autofill with date and workbook file name until last row

    Hi, I'm trying to find the commands to create a column with the heading "Detail" and then autofill the rows below to say "List Upload-"filename"_"current month & year". For example, let's say I'm working with a file named 'ExecutiveManagers.csv' in March 2011, how can I create a column that...
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    Excel Chart Adding Dates

    I have vba to create a chart from a pivot table, which by the way works fine. Except, the data points on based on a date and excel automatically adds dates in between for any dates that did not have data. Is there a way to shut this auto-fill code off????

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