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    Auto Rolling YTD number vs. previous YTD number& Current Month to Date vs. Previous Year MTD

    I need to create a comparison of MTD, YTD, and a 3 month Comparison in Excel 2007 using the current date (mm). I do not want to have to change a number to signify the month. The Data is laid out like this: <TABLE style="WIDTH: 480pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0...
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    Date Change Only When New Data Is Entered

    I'm sure this has been asked a million times but I am in a time crush and have to figure this out ASAP! This board has been a great help in stumbling my way through Excel so I hope that someone can help me out with this conundrum! I have a spreadsheet that we use to keep track of quotes from...
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    auto date input?

    Hi, can i make excel automatically date the squares, like, 1/1/2000 in a1, 2/1/2000 in a2, 3/1/2000 in a3 and so on.. i thought it'd be pretty simple, apparently not.. can you guys help? thanks :)

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