date conditions

  1. R

    Logical_test on Dates to get date_wise MIN and MAX values

    NEED HELP!!! I want to find the MIN and MAX from column 'values' with respect to dates. Data is in below format (each date has corresponding 1440 minutes and each minute has a specific value): Dates (several months; daily_basis) | Time (minute by minute) | Values (data) Required Result...
  2. B

    Formatting dates - how to color cells (or lines) with even months?

    Hello, I would like to make Excel automatically do "Version A" or "Version B". How could this be done with "conditional formatting"? I found some instructions at this link (below), but I cannot get it to the end result. Highlight odd/even months using conditional formatting in excel 2007 | Get...
  3. T

    SUMPRODUCT with Date Condition returns #value

    Okay, So I am in my over my head again. I have the formula below that is returning a #value error. The part in red is the new condition I added. I thought I had it right. =SUMPRODUCT(('RAW DATA - PAGE CATEGORIES'!$A$2:$C$1048576=10/31/2014)* ('RAW DATA - PAGE...
  4. pedie

    Need help in modification of my current code. Thanks for helping!

    Hi, My current code below. I need help in modifying this code. If user clicks on cancel exit sub - msgbox "canceled". if inputbox.value = "" then exit sub msgbox "canceled - no date". if date is not entered and random number is entered then msgbox "incorrect date entered..." else run my code...

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