date function

  1. xlhelp15

    Return the Workdays

    Hi Expert - Would need your kind assistance for the below condition. Column A2:A5 has dates in mm/dd/yy format and Column B2:B5 has 10, 15, 20, 30 respectively. In column C2:C5, I would need an output which should return the Workdays date by adding it. For eg, if A2 has 09/21/22 and B2 has 12...
  2. M

    Repeat a calculation every X months

    Hi, I am having a difficult time understanding date functions in excel. I am trying to make this model a bit more dynamic. For New Bookings, I would like the bookings to repeat in what is called renewal bookings driven by the renewal period. For example, in 1/1/18 I have 1000 new bookings...
  3. F

    Changing months in Excel macro, reffering to another workbook

    Hello dear experts! I have a whole bunch of workbooks with 30 sheets each, that I need to update each month. On top of each sheet, I'm using DATE-function: =DATE(2016;10;SHEETS()+14). That helps users telling which date the sheet is made for. Each month I am changing the month (in this case...
  4. N

    Conditional Formatting + Today, Date, Value Functions.

    Hello, I'm fairly new to Excel and when I was last on here people were able to help me out with the formula i was working on, now I'm seeking further pity with conditional formatting please. The excel spreadsheet data is generated through a Microsoft query linked to another program so when...
  5. D

    VBA Code to Format Text box problems

    Hi, I've spent the last 2 hours trying to find a answer to a problem I have. The issue I have is I have a form with 32 boxes, 2 of which are textboxes that contain a 'dd/mm/yy hh:mm' format. These boxes are populated from a excel spreadsheet with data at line level. However the code a have to...
  6. J

    Date function problem

    Hello, I use the below function to display the first day of the current week (I use this in a Jet Report). In the function D5 is =TEXT(C5,"dddd") and C5 is =TODAY()...
  7. mrxlsx

    Catch first Friday in a month or Next Friday

    Hello all, I have a date column A2 with random dates. In the next column B2, I want to catch the first Friday of that month, if it A2 is later than the current month's first Friday, then I have catch first Friday of the next month. This is one problem. Another problem is: In another sheet, I...
  8. R

    How do i make calucaltion amount in particular date?

    Hi I'm having following Excel Table for two category of Phases. Phase 1 Date Pur.Value Tax 01/02/2014 1000.00 10.00 01/02/2014 500.00 5.00 02/02/2014 1500.00 15.00 22/02/2014 7000.00 70.00...
  9. R

    Using Ampersand & Date Function

    How to avoid getting a serial number format if I need to join a date with Ampersand. For example in on column I had a date and the other column I had a text and I want to join the date and text using ampersand. I want my cell to have something like : 12/13/13 - WEEK 2 Thanks.
  10. E

    DATEADD function omitting values

    I'm trying to create a calculated column that gives me the the date for Friday of the week a given date falls on. here is my function: =DATEADD('Table'[AcqDate],6-WEEKDAY('Table'[AcqDate]),DAY) while this calculates some of the dates correctly, it omits some values for some reason (see...
  11. J

    Help with date forumla please?

    Hi - I am looking to find a formula which gives me the date on Friday only. So, througout the week, the date listed stays the same until Friday when it changes to the current Friday's date. I hope this makes sense?
  12. H

    Complicated VBA pricing formula

    Function swapfx(startdate As Double, enddate as Double) As Double<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> <o:p> </o:p> Dim i As Double<o:p></o:p> Dim currmo As Double<o:p></o:p> Dim currmojump As Double<o:p></o:p> Dim price As...
  13. S

    Converting weekly payroll to semi-monthly cash flow in a dynamic environment.

    I am building a cash-flow spreadsheet covering a 104-week period and I'm having trouble with the payroll portion. Assumption: the first week will start on the first day of a month but the starting month is unknown. Assumption: payroll needs to be the 15th and the last day of each month...
  14. J

    Date Question

    I'm looking for the code that would allow me to a date stamp in the title of the report, but I would need the date to be for the day before. For example if today is 7/19/2010 I would like the report to read : "Data as of 7/18/2010" I know that this is basic, but I can't seem to get the code...
  15. T

    retirement dates

    Hi I need to work out who i would contact for retirement 8 months before there 65 birthday I have there date of birth in B2 and i want to put the date it will be 8 months before there 65th birthday in C2 Can anyone help :) Thank you
  16. P


    I would like Excel to display today's day of the week each time I open the spreadsheet. I see I can put in a specific date and have it translate to a day of week, but I want "today" as day of week. I'd greatly appreciate an e-mail to {moderator removed email address} if you have this answer...

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