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    Changing Date Of Birth To Years

    Good morning all, I have the following formula created to change the Date of Birth to years. =DATEDIF(D72,NOW(),"y") The only problem that I am having is for those cells that do not contain a Date of Birth yet, the years column is showing as 114 for some reason. What formula can be used to...
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    Advanced age display from birthday

    Hi I work on a paediatric ward in a hospital and my boss has set me a challenge for our handover sheet. If I enter the birthday of a child, I can have the age displayed as 1y10m6d for eg. What we want is if the child is younger than 1 to have just 2m5d displayed for eg. If aged 1-3 have 1y4m...
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    [Formula Needed] Generating sum of specific DATEDIF results

    Column G contains dates of birth. Column H contains a =DATEDIF formula (including "Y" Years and "YM" Months) that generates the corresponding current age. What formula should I use to calculate the total # of cells in Column H that contain an age = or > 65, and then place that result in a cell...

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