date reference

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    Cell Formatting Based on Current Date

    Hey everyone, I have a group of cells in my workbook that I would like to change colors after a certain date. If today's date falls after the contents of cell AJ1 (which contains a reference date like 9/5/2019) then I want cells AG1:AJ77 to change to black with white font. In other words...
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    trying to display results by date

    I have a workbook that looks at the data page matches the date on the event page and posts the matching date information to the event page from the data page. (see example below) data list below example. The problem I have is that if the data in the date range is more than 2 events the data...
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    Using VBA to reference the date in cell in a different sheet

    Hello! I am very new with VBA and am currently working on writing a macro that deletes all the rows in a sheet, that hold a date that falls on or before 6/1/18. Here is what I have so far... Sub Macro2() With ActiveSheet .AutoFilterMode = False With Range("g1", Range("g" &...
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    add and multiply values based on date reference

    Ultimately I'm trying to calculate Interest accrued from a specific date. The problem is payments can be interest only which when used should keep the next months interest at the same rate instead of decreasing because the principal hasn't been paid down. Im having problems when over the...

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