1. J

    outlook zip file

    Hi, have this code to just down load zip file but it's downloading all, do i need to change something in the code i created a rule to subject only Weekly AP but is downloading everything. here is the code:Public Sub saveAttachtoDisk(itm As Outlook.MailItem)Dim objAtt As Outlook.Attachment Dim...
  2. D

    Excel VBA Date in wrong format

    I need to export data from a excel file to a CSV file (to use for import in MailChimp) using VBA. I have dates in columns and in excel (* .xlsm) dates are correct, but after they are copied to * .CSV and I open the * CSV file again, some dates are not correct. I have checked that all cells in...
  3. M

    Outlook VBA to save a file attachment locally

    Hello, hoping someone can help me with the following - I get an email every day with an attachment I have to save down on my hard drive to build a report. Trying to automate this process, and looking online, it seems I can use something like the following code, but in those instances it seemed...
  4. M

    Add date in blank cells using vba

    I currently use the following code to add the date "31/12/9998" in blank cells of column F. The problem I have is after running the code, my filters are now on a "A to Z" rather than "Newest to oldest". How do I go about formatting the column in order to be able to sort by Newest to Oldest...
  5. V

    Missing date format after refresh pivot table

    Hi, When I refresh a Pivot Table trough VBA, the horizontal axis date format changes. It has to be dd/mm/yyyy, but automatically changes to U.S. date format mm/dd/yyyy. If I refresh the table manually in excel works fine and the format doesn't change. I've searched trough this forum, google...
  6. G

    How to set language for date time formatting in TEXT()

    Hi, I'm running Excel 2010 English on a Windows 7 - Swedish (not English). In Excel I have created a sheet full of calculations using the TEXT() function. Suddenly (perhaps due to Win7 upgrade) my Excel doesnt understand =TEXT(A1;"yyyy") anymore, it wants the date format in Swedish codes...
  7. B

    Date format 8/8/08 (m/m/yyyy) to dd/mm/yyy

    Hi Guys, I have imported some raw unformatted data into in excel and the date comes in as eg 8/8/08, 6/12/08, 12/9/08 in the US format. When I do a date format on it 6/12/08 could be 6th Jan 2008 instead of 12 Dec 2008 etc.. Is there a way of acurately formatting as dd/mm/yyyy? Thanks

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