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    TImeline Template suddenly has errors but didn't the day before

    Perhaps you can help me solve this issue. I created a timeline using Excel template called "Timelines with milestones (yellow)" please view below Everything went smoothly, bounds were adjusted, data was entered and it worked intuitively. I even gave a presentation to my boss and showed him...
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    Advance date by one after each printed copy

    Is it possible to have Excel advance the date by one for each copy of the workbook I print? I have a workbook with names on it, used to sign out equipment. The workbook has 6 separate sheets in it. I have the date in one cell on each sheet (it's the same cell on each sheet). Currently I...
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    Run a macro automatic when a specific formula cells reache a certain date (current date)

    Hi, I'm trying to get excel to run a macro that sends me an email when certain cells reach specific dates (current date and one week prior to current date). I've tried following the steps on Send a mail when a cell reaches a certain value but it doesn't work. I need excel to send me an email...
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    Help with dates please

    Hi, I was just wondering whether there was a formula to change a date once per week. For example, instead of using =today() is there a way that I can make the date stay on a Friday until the following one. So tomorrow it would change to 16/12/11 and stay like that until next Friday when it...
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    Calculate Cost based on date

    I'm trying to come up with a cell formula to calculate monthly costs going into the future like so: <table style="width: 450px; height: 360px;" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <colgroup><col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:4169;width:86pt" width="114"> <col...
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    AutoFill Dates with Relative Macro

    Hi, I am trying to Automate filling a Column with a correct format date when I download a sheet with dates in the Format 'YYYYMMDD'. What I am trying to Do: Insert Column, Insert Formula, Autofill to bottom of Data, Copy Results and Paste as Values, Convert to Excel Date Formatting. Delete...
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    next three business days

    I'm trying to make a formula that will display in the cell what day (MM/DD/YYYY) it will be in three business days from today. Example If cell A1 displays today, 11/05/2010, then cell A2 would display three business days would be Wednesday 11/10/2010. I don't want to include weekends as part...
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    Lookup or Array help

    Hello. I need help. I have a table of data that has a structure like this: Ref_Num | Date1_2009 | Date2_2009 | Date1_2010 | Date2_2010 1 | 1000 | 1200 | 1300 | 900 2 | 1234 | 2000 | 7500 | 1289 3...
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    Sheet Naming Issue with Date Serial

    Hi All, I have a pice of code running which has a variable named FTdate which returns a date in serial form, i need to name a new worksheet in the mmm-yy format, how do i convert from serial to the required string. Any help appreciated.
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    excel changes dates when sorting

    When I sort my date column (it is formatted correctly), excel changes the dates on some of the entries. There is no consistency to it - it could be a few dates will come out three days later one time, and some others will be four days earlier another. Why does excel do this and how can I fix it?

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