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    VB: Macro converting to American dates!

    Hi all, I have put a macro together that pulls data from a sheet which has a date column formatted in standard UK dd/mm/yyyy. Whenever I run the macro it pulls my data together and dumps it into a new sheet called 'Summary' Everything is working fine except VB changes my dates to American...
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    Autofilter with International Dates

    Hi all, I've created a macro that autofilters everything within the next 7 days of the current date along with several other criteria. It works perfectly on my computer in the US, but my UK counterpart seems to come up with incorrect rows. My guess is that it is a date formatting issue, but...
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    Dates? Please Help

    I am using the following code to validate the text being entered into a text box in my userform. Private Sub TXTdatefirstlayout_Exit(ByVal Cancel As MSForms.ReturnBoolean) If IsDate(TXTdatefirstlayout.Value) Then TXTdatefirstlayout.Value = Format(TXTdatefirstlayout.Value, "dd/mmm/yyyy")...

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