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    If today is friday, I need to AutoFilter by Mondays date

    If today is Friday, I need to be able to have an IF statement that will filter by Monday, but if not I need it to autofilter by tomorrows date. What I have now only does tomorrow, using "=IF(J2=TODAY()+1,TRUE,FALSE)", then it filters by true to show tomorrows schedule. What I'm looking for is a...
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    Calculating the start date of an insurance policy

    Hello All, I am trying to calculate the start date of insurance policies. Example if I have a column A with values 3,4,6,2,18 (random integer values)... I need to write a code that would understand the integer value as in terms of 'months ago' the policy started. Example for integer value as...
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    Merging rows according to ID and date/time period

    Hey. I'm working with a very large dataset for a campus health center, where the same individuals came in over the course of several years and completed the same 3 surveys each time. I'm using Excel 2010 on Windows 7. Basically I need the three variables' data merged into one row associated...
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    custom number format to sort by year

    My raw data contains dates in this format: 05/27/2011 12:52:46PM (That's all in one cell.) I need to sort this data chronologically from oldest to most recent. The sorting must work across years, so that, for example, December 2010 appears before January 2011. Excel does recognize this...
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    Dates not recognized

    I have an excel file exported from ACCESS. The date field is set to date in Access. If I use autofilter the dates will not sort on anything but the first charactor (i.e. it is ignoring years). If I select whole spreadsheet and choose sort and then select that field, it WILL sort. However...

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