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    Extracting Integer from DateTime values

    Hi all, Hopefully its just a quick solution needed here: I have a table column that contains imported datetime values. I have formatted them as 'dd-mmm-yy', and am trying to extract counts that fall between different date ranges. However, I've noticed that the values are not truly integers...
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    SQL data conversion error for Excel VBA

    Hello I would like to copy a recordset from a Oracle RDB Driver into Excel, however I am having problems with my DateTime variable. I would like to open an SQL string similar to the following : strSQL = "SELECT TRANSACTION_DATE FROM FINANCIAL_TRANSACTION WHERE TRANSACTION_DATE > '14/12/2014'"...
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    Strange Date Format 11/4/14, 1:09 PM will not convert to Excel Date Time due to comma placement

    A popular product has an Export to Excel with a single column for Date / Time. The format shown has the date [comma] Time. It won't convert to a Date date type due to the comma. A popular software tool takes this data off of the internet and converts it to this text string. I can manually use...
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    Excel VBA SQL Query - Format Date Output

    I'm using a SQL query in VBA to select and join data spread across two worksheets and then outputting the results to a third worksheet. One of the fields is an Excel Date. On the source worksheet the value is: 9/25/2008 21:05 On the output worksheet the result is: 38996.402222 I would like...

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