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    Calculate the dates for a specific month where multiple In and Out dates are present

    Hi Team, Is there a formula which can get the total number of days between multiple entry and exit days in the same month. I have 6 columns in total and 3 of those are Entry dates and the other 3 are exit dates. Its not mandatory that the entry dates are to be filled nor the exit dates. SO if...
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    How many mondays, tuesdays, etc in a month

    Dear all, A new challenge! Can somebody help me with the vba code or formulas for extracting the number of mondays, tuesdays, etc from a specific month in a specific year? i need this information for calculating the amount of delivery days for our clients. Thanks in advance. Regards from...
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    Week Number

    I have an excel sheet for paychecks for total hours and i use the weeknumber function to total up paychecks that i should be getting and compare with actual, however the weeknum function that i use i can only get to start on monday or sunday, but i need the week to start over on friday how do i...
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    Day of Week between dates

    I am trying to determine how many times a given day of week is in a given date range (as below). Does anybody have an idea of a formula that I could insert into the Sunday, Monday, etc. columns? <TABLE style="WIDTH: 583pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=776...
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    Excel 2007 form problem, Dates

    Hi I am trying to make a spreadsheet such that i have a spinner tool at the top of the page, and when all the days of the month in the form dd/mm/yyyy are displayed, and when i click the down arrow it goes to next month so the mm bit of the days changed and no. of days change automatically...

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