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    Is this impossible?

    People always ask 'can i add x amount of days to a date excluding weekends/holidays?' I want to know; Can I add x amount of days to a date, excluding specific days of the week i.e mondays and tuesdays? So if I want to add 20 days to a date but not count mondays or tuesdays? Is that possible...
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    Change formula automatically on 7th day. XL2007

    EXCEL 2007 I have a spreadsheet that graphs the difference of two inserted values daily using the simple formula: =IF(E945="","",E945-E929) & =IF(F945="","",F945-F929) in column I & J respectively For example note: Row 945 Column:A-----B--------C----D--E--F--G--I--J 3/27/2011 1:59 AM XXXXXXX...
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    Week Number

    I have an excel sheet for paychecks for total hours and i use the weeknumber function to total up paychecks that i should be getting and compare with actual, however the weeknum function that i use i can only get to start on monday or sunday, but i need the week to start over on friday how do i...
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    Formulas that change due to day of week?

    Hello, I'm a homeschooling mom and I have put my son's weekly schedule in Excel with dingbat checkboxes next to each task so I can check things off as he does them. I have also made a pie graph so he can see how much he has to do and see the "done" piece getting bigger and bigger as the day goes...

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