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    Workdays function (including Sat 6 days/week)

    Dear All, I have a unique problem, I want a function like the "WORKDAY". But in that function the saturday is also used as the "Holiday" (Counted on 5 days/week) I need the Sat to be excluded from list of holidays (Counted on 6 Days/Weeks). I went thru the entire formulae given in excel...
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    Intelligent Date Values

    A certain bank (OK, Chase) formats its downloadable .csv file line item dates as text, like this: 1) "20090309120000[0:GMT]" This example (1) translates as 2009 (year), 03 (month), 09 (day), 12:00 (hours:minutes), 00 (seconds) [0:GMT] (Greenwich Mean Time). Using "Text to Columns", this...

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