1. A

    Cricket Points Table

    Hi, I am working on cricket points table, My table goes like this. Match Schedule <tbody> 1 Home Team(A1) Away Team(B1) Result(C1) 2 RPS KKR 3 RCB RCB 4 KKR KKR </tbody> Points Table <tbody> 1 Teams(E1) Games Played(F1) Wins(G1) Points(H1) 2 RPS 3 KKR 4 RCB 5 GL...
  2. N

    Filter with DCOUNTA and another column

    Hi, I've been sifting through the forum and I can't find my specific situation, any help is greatly appreciated! I want to use DCOUNTA to be able to make what I am filtering for apparent to the end user and because it seems to be less resource intensive than using countifs or sumproduct. So I...
  3. E

    Dcounta criteria question

    Hi, I'm in search of some help with the criteria in my DCOUNTA formula. I've got the basic ones to work fine, but I'm trying to do some data validation with this last one, and it's got me stumped. I think there are a number of ways to address it, but I think if I can resolve the issue below, I...
  4. E

    Using 2 Cell Ranges inside 1 criteria within a formula

    I am trying reference both G10:G11 and H12:I13 as criteria on this formula. :confused: Any suggestions? (No the cells cannot be moved) =DCOUNTA(Sales!$B$2:$D$751,"RC",(G10:G11,H12:I13))

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