1. M

    SUM(SUMIFS()) Formula with Array Stored in Another Cell as Part of the Multiple Criteria?

    I am working in Excel 2016 with a SUM(SUMIFS()) formula that I am trying to use with an array as part of the multiple criteria where that array is stored in another cell. Specifically, while I can get this SUM(SUMIFS()) formula to calculate correctly when that array is directly written out as...
  2. K

    I need formula to auto detect errors

    Hi, i will insert 2 sets of data to insert in excel. i need formula to auto check which are the data that have error. like data 1 is the correct data, data 2 is the data that might have error. so data 2 have to source for code in data 1 and see if it match or error. each set of data there's a...
  3. C

    days of year

    hi guys having problem i trying create a code so depend on what day it is the code change prefix is L and the next two number is YY year and the 3 last numbers is DDD (001 - 366) but in number format not words like Sun or Mon so in the case than 366 would be Feb 29 or 206 would be...
  4. K

    Data validation - Modify source value then give feedback to user if value in cells is different

    Hello everyone, I searched on the forum and couldn't find a post that has a concern similar to mine. I have a column with data (project number) which is the source of a data validation list of multiple cells. Let's say my list of project goes like this: AAA, BBB, CCC, DDD Then in the cells...
  5. S

    List cells with "YES" Value

    Hi all In Row 1 I have the heading names i.e AAA BBB CCC DDD etc What I would like in column P, it looks at that the cell value, and if there is a yes. it lists it in column P So :- -----L---- | -----M---- | -----N---- | -----O---- | -----P---- | ----AAA--- | ---BBB--- | ---CCC--- |...
  6. M

    Formula to extract table data

    I can accomplish this task fairly easily with a pivot table or a macro but wanted to see if a formula could be used so it is dynamic. Given a table starting in A1, B1 like this <tbody> Project Level AAA 1 AAA 2 AAA 2 AAA 3 AAA 3 BBB 1 BBB 2 BBB 2 BBB 2...
  7. M

    Extract text from a cell?

    Cells will contain a number beginning with 2 - can be anywhere in the cell, and number ends when a space appears after it. Can I use a formula just to return the number? eg; ABC 2014999 DDD 2014999 EE FGH A 2014999 A R E In each case the result should be 2014999. Needs to be a formula...
  8. NewOrderFac33

    Issue inserting JPEG containing into Workbook

    Good afternoon, I have an area of my worksheet containing pie charts that I export to a JPEG at different points in the week - the idea being that I'm taking a "snapshot" of the piecharts at different points in time, to allow me to compare them over a period. The code creates a new worksheet...
  9. U

    Formula need or VB Code

    DATA FILE <tbody> Grn Name Discount % Class 001 AAA 100 5 002 BBB 100 6 003 CCC 4 004 DDD 100 3 005 EEE 1 </tbody> <tbody> Concession i want to maintain below list just enter 100 in this cell </tbody> <tbody> Sr. No. GRN Name Class 01 001 AAA 5 02 002 BBB 6 03 004...
  10. N

    Copy data from specific named worksheets and combine on a single worksheet

    Hello all. First post/attempts at this VBA. I have had no luck copying and pasting every code I could find... either they copy data from every page, have errors, or require some toolkit. I'm trying to combine all data from two different sheets XPO, and DDD into one sheet CDR. I'm also...
  11. S

    formula to get value between last two comma

    hello all, I need a formula to extract value between last two comma in a string eg. aaa,bb_1,ccc,ddd,v output: ddd
  12. G

    Split table into different workbooks

    Hello guys, i have table with different projects on each row. i need to create a sheet for each row/project mantaining the title row and naming each new workbook as the project name. Is there a way to do it in vba, im really new to this :/ Example: Original workbook ProjectCode ProjectName...
  13. S

    Index Match formula based on a match in another cell

    Hi, I am trying to populate a cell with information based on certain text in the column, and using index match to insert the data in the correct line. Below is a summary of the data. It seems simple but I just can't find anything that works. Excel 2010 <colgroup><col style="width...
  14. S

    Convert ddd mm/dd/yyyy to ddd dd/mm/yyyy

    Hi, I have an issue. I have some data in Excel which I need to covert. The data is in the format: Mon 12/30/2017 where it needs to be Mon 30/12/2017. I have tried Data>Text To Columns>DMY with no avail - so please do not mention that. Helpful advise welcomed as it's bugging me! Thank you.
  15. A

    Remove rows with dublicate field values

    Hi, I have two tables: one with all items from a ERP-system (2), and one with manual correction to the items lists product hierachy (1). The manual corrections (1) can hold items which also will be found in the item list table (2). The two tables are joined in an UNION query. My problem is...
  16. L

    ACCES count common friends / nodes (compare within 1 table)

    I have the table1 below and want to make a table that shows how many friends Ent1 has in common with any other person from Ent1. Eg A (short for AAA) has friends B,C,D,E,F while B has friends A,C,E,F. They have C,E,F in common so the outcome should be AAA BBB 3 Can this be done in acces/SQL? I...
  17. R

    One of Multiple VBA Macros run dependant on DDD format cell

    I have two working VBA Macros, each running 58 Data Connections currently as: "iTrackerDataRefresh5Fri" and "iTrackerDataRefresh6Sat" (below is a sample of the data connections) Left as-is it runs 408 data connections which takes time to complete. So, I would like to get smart and 'just' use...
  18. Wil Moosa

    Copy and rename file from list

    I have one file; Mother.xls Mother.xls has on sheet(6) a list with names of all the employees. I want to create as many copies of Mother.xls as found on the list on sheet(6) each file carrying the name as mentioned on the list. The following code does the trick for me:

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