1. K

    Format dates from specific column

    Hi all, I am working with pivot tables, and the imported data always comes in as dd.mm.yyyy is there a way to create a macro that formats specific columns from dd.mm.yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy?f
  2. E

    EXCEL VBA reformat and change column values in a time efficient way

    Hi Team, I really hope you can help me to fix my problem. I have a huge(over 1000 rows) xls-sheet report containing a column "T" having date information (i call it information because the column is formatted as "general") in the US format MM/DD/YY. In order to use the date information, I need...
  3. P

    Counting dates (US to Europe form)

    Hey. I've run into a problem: I've been supplied with dates, of which I need to remove anything that is 4 weeks or more from today's date. Now the problem is that the dates I've been supplied with are in the format (dd.mm.yyyy), while excel gives today as (mm/dd/yyyy). How can I get around the...
  4. J

    Issue with date format in pivot

    Good Morning, I'm facing an annoying issue, in my data sheet dates are formatted dd.mm.yyyy and when I create my pivot, data are read mm.dd.yyyy which makes the automatic grouping by month totally wrong. I have checked my regional settings and everything is in dd.mm.yyyy. Any idea where to...
  5. N

    Date format remains when paste values?

    Hi there, I have a VLOOKUP formula that pulls through a date (dd/mm/yyyy) but the format converts the appearance to dd.mm.yyyy. I notice that when i copy and paste values, the dd.mm.yyyy value is present, but it remains as dd/mm/yyyy in the formula bar! How do i keep this as dd.mm.yyyy? I...
  6. K

    unique values in an array

    Hi, I have the following table: In column "A" : dates (dd.mm.yyyy) In column "E": times (hh:mm) I'd like to have the followings: 18:00 <= Times < 22:00 How many unique days match that criteria? Thx in advance
  7. V

    Shorter VBA code, help

    Hi! Can anyone please help me write a shorter vba code? This vba code I need for editing futsal players records. That vba code works well, but it's too long. The code below is short example because its too long. But I have in league 10 teams, so I would like a better solution. Thank you in...
  8. H

    Current date formula for dd.mm.yyyy

    Formula result must be ... eg 14.07.2010 Tried but does not work ... =DATE(day.month.year) =DATE(dd.mm.yyyy)

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