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    VBA move selection to different sheet and insert based on selection

    Hi, I am working on below to move a selection of rows in sheet x given the string "Dead" to a next sheet (sheet y) and subsequently insert the amount of rows selected in that next sheet. Can anyone give an example how to show this in the code? Many thanks! Sub Moverow() Dim i As Long...
  2. J

    VBA - Identify dead stock

    I need assistance writing a code for identifying items not being sold within the last three months. The last sale dates are in column P,Q,R This is the last sale date at each of our three locations I need to identify which rows have not had a sale in the last 3 months and copy and paste all...
  3. A

    Look for the largest value if condition met

    Hello All, Can someone please help me with a formula to find the largest time value in the scenario below? <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> 09:06:15 To City 09:22:11 To City 09:23:04 To City 09:27:51 To City 09:28:53 Dead 10:27:05 Dead 10:28:17 Dead 16:25:08 Dead...
  4. W

    Brain dead - what am i doing wrong

    For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets ws.Select entire.Columns.AutoFit entire.Rows.AutoFit Columns("G:G").EntireColumn.Delete Columns("E:E").EntireColumn.Delete Next ws
  5. R

    Transfering data from one worksheet to another base on a check box

    I have two worksheets - Live Projects and Dead Projects - each of which has six columns. In the sixth column (G) I have a check box. When this is checked (ticked) it denotes that the project in this row is now dead and should move to the Dead Projects sheet and move any remaining Live Projects...
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    Vlookup with multiple results

    hi all. I have a table similar to; <tbody> Lead # Date In Referrer Sales Rep Customer Status 1 1/8/18 Company A AG Joe Blogs Active 2 14/8/18 Company A HB John Citizen Active 3 21/8/18 Company B AG Sherly Gray Dead </tbody> I'm wanting to have sheet 2 display on deals for...
  7. A

    Macro help

    Hi All, Would really appreciate some help if anyone can provide. I'm not great with Excel but will try and explain as best as I can. My spreadsheet is used for tracking "Jobs in progress", so it's a live summary of all work going through. I have 3 sheets which are copies of each other, the...

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