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    2 files 2 macros nothing but debug mode.

    Hello, I hope this is straightforward enough. I have 2 spreadsheets (files) that have nothing to do with each other. Both have macros running. However the macros keep bumping in to each other and go in to debug mode. If I only have one of the spreadsheets open everything runs fine, as soon as...
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    Code works in Debug mode but will not run through when played

    I put together about 10 separate macros that will log you into a site using the values in a given cell. I was having trouble with the last one because of AutoComplete remembering the username. So I put in an IF statement, and when I used F8 to go line for line, it works perfectly. However, when...
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    VBA loses debug mode after file operation (Win7)

    Since being updated to Windows 7 on my laptop, I have been having problems when running a VBA macro in Excel 2003 in debug. Pressing F8 to step forward works ok until I reach any file related operation (e.g., after which debug mode is forgotten and the macro continues to end (or...
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    Delete OLEObjects in Break Mode

    Hi, I am writing some code that will create random data which will be used in a specific sheet to calculate certain values using the cell formulas. This sheet will be copied as many times as necessary to input the numbers generated (The code will generate a different set of numbers for a...

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