1. B

    Calculation based on variable labels and variable ranges

    I'm having a hard time coming up with an elegant solution for this. I have a table that explains legal tolerances for nutrition based on certain analytes and their values Table look like this, but has many more values in it <tbody> Analyte Declared Content Tolerance Below Tolerance Above...
  2. F

    VBA: Remove all items from Scripting Dictionary

    How to remove all from the scripting dictionary when running to separate extractions? I've read where you can use dict.removeall, but in this case, dict was not declared. Does it need to be declared somehow? With CreateObject("scripting.dictionary") For Each Cl In rng...
  3. P

    macro that will copy ONLY the value I have in cell I1, and then paste it to another cell based on the cell reference I declared in cell G13

    Good day All, Hope all is well. Could you please help me have a macro that will copy ONLY the value I have in cell I1, and then paste it to another cell based on the cell reference I declared in cell G13. For example: I1 = “expired” G13 = C38 With this, I would like to see the value...
  4. V

    Identify path globally

    My path is Pth = Workbooks("CR").Sheets("Main").Range("P4").Value I want this to be in Public Pth As String Globally declared...How can i do that..
  5. T

    Lifetime of variable

    To clear an object variable, you would set it to nothing. How would you clear a non-object variable? I ask because in the following code, the variable a is declared at the module level, so every time the sub is run, the variable's value increases. I want the variable a to "clear" after the...
  6. diddi

    Getting elements of a Type declaration

    hi I was wondering if it is possible to determine the elements within a declared Type. so as an example, I have a variable "Invoice" as declared Type Invoice Job As Integer CustomerRef As String * 20 Amount As Single End Type Dim MyInvoice as Invoice is there some way of...
  7. T

    Mixing data types

    Is it OK to mix data types? Function Matching(ByRef Startstring As Variant, ByRef Sheetname As Worksheet, ByRef Ref As String) As Variant Matching = Application.Match(Startstring, Sheetname.Range(Ref), 0) End Function Sub Start() Dim SheetCol...
  8. T

    VBA Loop Copy and Paste with offset

    I have been having trouble trying to get this macro to run I am not very familiar with Visual Basic Syntax can anyone help me. I'm guessing that my declarations are wrong because I get runtime errors with my declared ranges. Sub Macro5() ' ' Macro5 Macro ' Dim i As Range, j As Range, k As...
  9. ClimoC

    Macro Formula - Referencing by Declarations?!?!

    Hello, I have this piece of code doing a sort of If/Lookup function between two workbooks. Sub boomerang() Dim wb1 As Workbook Dim master As Workbook Dim sourcer As Range Dim destr1, destr2, destr3, destr4 As Range Dim c As Range Dim r As Range Dim ssheet As Worksheet Set wb1 =...

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