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    Delaying production

    Hi there, I have a large excel model with multiple assumptions behind it. It works on a 250 month basis so is quite large and there are several types of production curves in the model. What I want to do is to be able to set a delay on when the production starts for each production curve. So...
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    Hyperbolic Decline

    I would appreciate someone sharing their Hyperbolic Decline macro or equation. Q=Qo/(1+Di*b*t)^(1/Di) Where: Q=production rate Qo=initial production rate Di=initial decline rate b=decline rate t=time My issue is D change at each time step Trendline doesn't have the Hyperbolic Decline option
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    Urgent requirement [calculate % chang over n periods // drop off / decline over n)

    I'm working on a requirement for a document, and made a title to best reflect the content of computation. I want to know if/how I am calculating decline / drop off % over/compared to n values in the row. I have 30 rows; and I want to calculate show significant change on the up side or downside...
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    Modeling Exponential Decline in Value

    Hi all. I am trying to create data showing an exponential decline in the values. I have the first and last values and need to populate everything in between. For example, Column A lists values (1 through 10,000). Each value in column B decreases exponentially in relation to Column A's value...

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