1. M

    Decrypt excel files

    Hi, I had locked excel files using LockXls utility but unfortunately I misplaced my original excel files. Does anyone know how to restore the original files. If I use their utility to decrypt, they want hardware id that I don't have. Thanks
  2. D

    Damaged/Lost Encryption Key

    I have searched the forums for an answer and found none relevant for this particular problem. I need an answer from someone who has experience of the same issue. I have an EFS encrypted Excel file. The encryption is not dependent on any password entered - it's seemless, providing instant...
  3. U

    Access 2007 password protection.

    I have an Access 2007 database that I have protected with a password. I have been using SyncToy to synchronize this database with an identical one stored off that I can make structural changes to without interrupting the work of people who need to use the database. The problem is...

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