default values

  1. P

    How to set default Values for a Userfrom and call the Userform

    When I click the button that calls up the userform, the userform comes up, but none of the default values I have picked show. I am using Excel 2010. How do I fix my code? Sub NewTranslationRequest()'Fill Default Data OptionButton1 = True OptionButton2 = False OptionButton3 = False...
  2. ClimoC

    Which is quicker/more efficient? Lots of 'If Not IsNull()'s or setting Default Values = ""?

    In my access, I've had to set a lot of fields to have default properties to avoid runtime errors (and since it's Excel based ADO objects, I have no Nz() function) But I also have a bunch of text and memo fields, which when I just wrote a 'duplicate record' function, was returning the 'Invalid...
  3. S

    Date Picker changing cell format

    Hi there, Here's the issue I'm hoping someone can help with (I've pieced the solution together from some code I found here: That link explains how to insert a combo box in fields that are using data validation from a list (to take advantage of...
  4. W

    Adding default values to cells

    Hi All, I am having some difficulty adding a default value to a cell. What I want to do is have a cell that will read "Enter value here" if nothing has been added, but display the users text when changed. I've been playing with the IF statement feature for a while, but am getting...

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