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    A new instance of Excel opens Book, Book1, Book2, etc. however with Book.xlsx in XLSTART I get 'locked for editing' (no network sharing)

    I've searched the forum on this issue and can only find instances of this error where network sharing is enabled; in my case there is no network sharing (i.e. the Server service is never started). You will be familiar with the behaviour on opening multiple instances of Excel 2010 where the new...
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    Creating default workbook/worksheet

    In Excel 2010, how do you create a default template where a new workbook, it's included worksheets, and any subsequent inserted worksheet all carry the same default setups? I created a "Book" template and copied it to the default folder where Excel looks to create a new workbook. The first...
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    No Book1.xlsx default?

    First, I am running Excel 2007 w/WinXP Pro I want Excel to always open in Manual Calculation mode. To accomplish this, I created a 'dummy' workbook, set the calculation mode to manual (and unchecked calculate before save), and saved the workbook in the XLSTART folder. I also added some VBA to...

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