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  1. B

    Expand default size of Define Name dialog box

    I raise the Define Name dialog box frequently; it displays up to 10 named ranges without scrolling. Most of my applications have more than 10 named ranges, often a lot more, thus requiring scrolling to see most of them. Is there a way to change the default height so that it always comes up...
  2. D

    Creating names under Formulas>Define Name issue

    Hi Everyone, I have a problem, I tried creating a new Define Name but the name I'm gonna use look like this... SBC(D255) but when I create, it says an error The name you entered is not valid. Is there a way for me to use these ( ).? Thanks for your help
  3. A

    Offset and COUNTA in define name

    Hello! Im having issue with putting a formula in the define name "refers to". The formula i used is: =offset(1.Etasje!$C$15,0,0,Engine!$C$4,1). The error i get is : There's a problem with this formula. Not trying to type a formula? When the first character is an equal (=) or minus (-)...
  4. N

    Define Names from table

    I want to be able to define name from a column and use the formulas for each respective name from the column beside the first one. If this is possible, please tell me how. Thanks.
  5. H

    VBA Define name

    I'm trying to use the Define name function in excel but I want to use it in VBA Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range) Dim BidQTY As Range Dim BidUP As Range Set BidQTY = Sheets("Job to Date").Range("D1:D10") Set BidUP = Sheets("Job to Date").Range("E1:E10") Sheets("Job to...
  6. B

    Automatically assign Defined Names Based on Another Cell.

    <tbody> John 1 John 2 Mark 1 Mark 2 Bill 1 Bill 2 </tbody> I'm looking to be able to assign all the John's to a John defined name automatically. I know how to automatically "create from selection" and use the left row but I want all the John's to have the same defined name and all...
  7. tycasey17

    Using Defined Names in a IF Statement

    A1 = PVT =IF(A1=_OFF,"Yes","No") The Defined Name of "_OFF" list officer ranks and PVT would not be one of them so the result should be NO. However, this formula doesn't work it returns a #VALUE! error. I was trying to avoid using a VLOOKUP statement for this to keep my formula a little...
  8. F

    Define Name by vba

    Hi, I'm using "Name Manager" in Formulas Tab to define LIST. Exaclty the same I want to do using VBA. I have: =OFFSET('Country'!$E$9,0,0,COUNTA('Country lvl'!$E$9:$E$20),1) Into VB: rows_x = ws.Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row wb_1.Names.Add Name:="Country_list", RefersToR1C1:= _...
  9. D

    Automaticaly Define Names for Cell

    Hi I wanted to define names automaticly from Row Column Head Example <TBODY> Ahmedabad</SPAN> Bombay</SPAN> New York</SPAN> Apple</SPAN> 10</SPAN> 13</SPAN> 16</SPAN> Banana</SPAN> 11</SPAN> 14</SPAN> 17</SPAN> Orange</SPAN> 12</SPAN> 15</SPAN> 18</SPAN> </TBODY> I...
  10. J

    defined names corrupt after saving

    After saving my excel file the names I defined using "Insert>Name>Define..." become corrupted. The name changes from what I entered =OFFSET(historical!F$9,0,0,COUNT(historical!$F$9:$F$300)) to this =OFFSET(historical!M$9,0,0,COUNT(historical!$F$9:$F$300)) I am using the defined names to...
  11. B

    Inputbox and Object name

    I am trying to get an inputbox name a shape within my workbook. This is what I have so far and i am getting a Run-time error ("The specific value is out of range") on the part in red. Any code help would be great. Dim MyInput Sheets("List Form").Select...
  12. R

    How do I create a dynamic graph which follows a data range horizontally?

    So I figured out how to create a dynamic range going vertically from a guide online. However, my data runs horizontally like so: B1 C1 D1 E1 A1: Date Jan Feb Mar Apr A2: Value A 50 41 6 73 A3: Value B 49 35 14 46 So I would like my graph to automatiically select the last 6 months, even if...
  13. R

    Macro to find and store the last words in a text string

    Hi, I am formatting an exported Excel report from another program using a macro. I need to extract the project name which is at the end of a text string. It needs to be stored as a defined variable to be used and called upon later. For instance: Project Name of cell A1 would be = ProjName...
  14. P

    "Dynamic?" Named Ranges

    Hi, I am trying to automate the process of naming each cell in a table of values by a distinct name in another table. Is this possible to do this using a macro instead of manually typing in about a hundred name. For eg. i want cell B1 to have the name "jack", cell B2 to have the name "john"...
  15. D

    Define Name over several cells

    Hi all, I seem to have this problem, hopefully it is easy to solve. I want to define a list that I want to use as a dropdown list in another sheet, so need to define a name over two entries in cell E10 and E18. I select both those cells, and Define -> Name, but it doesn't seem to work...

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