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    Excel 2010 Defining Object as Range of Values

    Hello all, So I am trying to have a bit of code that recognizes all values between 3 and 5 within a range (which I will refer to as n) and if a cell value falls within this range then apply the replace the value with the following formula (n[original val] - 3) x .5) +3 Below is the code I have...
  2. R

    Copy data from a workbook and paste values into another workbook

    Hi I need to copy and paste the values of certain columns from one workbook to different columns in another workbook. See my code below.. I know this code is not efficient, I am new to VBA and would appreciate any help to make my macro more efficient.. I could start copying from row 2 instead...
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    Defining 2 Dynamic Ranges on Same Worksheet

    I have 2 ranges (each with headers and underlying text data) stacked on top of one another on the same worksheet. I am attempting to write a macro that autofilters the first range, copies and pastes data I need from each column to a separate worksheet, and then moves down to the second range...
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    Macro - Insert 4 rows, then go to the next cell and repeat

    Hi, I have a list of sells that is poviding, for simiplicity sake, the Following Col A - Company Name Col B = Start of year (e.g. 1/1/2007 or 1/1/208) Col C = End of Year (e.g. 12/31/2007 or 12/31/2008) Col D = Revenue for the year This goes on for a good 1500 rows. What I am trying to do is...
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    Using a Defined Variable in a Formula through VBA

    hi, I'm probably being really stupid but I can't figure this out. So, I have a string variable that I have being input through an Input box, this variable is Dim VP as string This is carried through to a private function where I want to add this into a formula. The formula is a simple one...
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    How to make a function only apply to a variable number of rows containing data

    I'm writing a macro to apply some simple functions (copy, paste, sort, etc) to a sheet of data. My problem is that the number of rows in this sheet will vary for each occassion I want to apply the macro. Can someone please tell me how to instruct a function to first calculate the number of...

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