defined name ranges

  1. IIII

    VBA: Create a named ranged and delete a row from said name range based on value

    Hi, I have this small section that I'm hoping to create a name-range from. In the sheet below, it is the bordered area with red text. I've been scratching my head trying to use Cells(Range("A1").End(xlDown).Row + 2, 2) - which gets me to the first cell in the table, in this case, B19, however...
  2. tlc53

    VBA - Format Rows containing word 'Total'

    Hi, I'm using the function Subtotal on my Defined Name range. I would like to format the totals that come through, so that they stand out from the rest of the data. I would like to do this without necessary referring to exact rows/cells, so that the format will work even if the data changes. My...
  3. tycasey17

    Counting Using Defined Names

    I am wanting to count the number of personnel within a defined name. I have tried using =COUNTIF(A1:A5,_OFF) "_OFF" is the defined name having various titles in them. The overall outcome of the formula I am needing help with is to show there are 4 doctors of the entire range using the _OFF...
  4. D

    How can I dynamically change the range (applies to) for a conditional format

    I want to use a conditional format to add 'Data Bars' to a portion of a table column. I created a formula with OFFSET() to set the correct range and gave the OFFSET formula a defined name. When I use the name in the Applies to field for the conditional format, it gets changed to an absolute...
  5. C

    Update cell of filtered column header selection

    Good day all, I would very much like to have a certain cell reference(A4) be updated with the team leader I select on the header filters. Reason being, I have to print out the whole team for every team leader, and have the leader's name on top of the list. I have a database with staff members...
  6. A

    Macro not changing Pivot Table dates correctly

    This macro was written to change the date in two pivot tables whenever a date is changed in a dropdown box. The date is a defined name range called "DteSelect." The two Pivot Tables and the Dropdown box are in the same sheet 'Dashboard.' The data is located in other sheets. When the date is...
  7. B

    Automatically assign Defined Names Based on Another Cell.

    <tbody> John 1 John 2 Mark 1 Mark 2 Bill 1 Bill 2 </tbody> I'm looking to be able to assign all the John's to a John defined name automatically. I know how to automatically "create from selection" and use the left row but I want all the John's to have the same defined name and all...
  8. L

    Display Pivot Table Based on Defined Name List

    Hello - I have a worksheet where I have a drop down list and 6 names to pick from (we'll name this worksheet "Selection"). Additionally, I have 6 other worksheets, each containing one pivot table that belongs to one of the 6 names on my drop down list. I would like to pick any of the 6 names...

    Macro to print nominated worksheets with range part defined

    If anyone can help that would be excellent. My issue is i have a workbok with 12 sheets and 7 of the sheets are results of existing macros. I want to print the results of the 7 returned sheets but only up to column O on each sheet. Each worksheet runs from A-AD but i only want to print A-O...
  10. J

    Is there way to refer to a Named/Defined range within a macro?

    I have created a number of worksheets that have defined names e.g. a named range called ASX with the following formula... =ASX!$A$1:INDEX(ASX!$AE:$AE,COUNTA(ASX!$AE:$AE),1) Is there a way to refer to this range within a macro so that I can copy the range and paste it into a new workbook? Many...
  11. J

    VBA defined name help

    Hi i'm pretty new to vba and having real trouble with what should be a simple code. I have the following vba code which works fine Sub printlist() If UCase(Range("T6").Value) = "1" Then Call stocksheetsub If UCase(Range("T6").Value) = "2" Then Call supplier2sub End Sub However instead...
  12. U

    Deleting Names from a Different Workbook

    Hi guys, Having some trouble deleting defined names from my workbook which were actually created in an entirely different project! 1) How the hell did they even get in there (pretty sure the workbooks weren't open at the same time)? 2) Why can I not delete them - the delete button is greyed...
  13. P

    Dynamic Named Ranges do not show up in the "Name Box"

    I just created a Dynamic Defined Named Range following this references: It works perfectly, except for the fact that the Named Range is not appearing in the "Name Box". The curious thing is that the named...
  14. D

    Named Ranges 2003/2007

    I have a 2003 worksheet with Defined Name Ranges. If I run it in 2007, do I have to re-create them? The Named Ranges seem to have been lost when I run 2007. Can it be easily converted?

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