defining variables

  1. Kelinky_Sama

    Defining a Variable Using Multiple Parts that Represent Another Variable

    So, this question is rather similar to the one I've asked before. Let's say that I have a variable called "Nickname" within a UserForm that I would like to have the same value as that of another variable whose name can be built up from different captions in the UserForm. This other variable is...
  2. T

    Macros - Copying from One Workbook and Putting It into Another

    I have a file called daily.xls that shows data with the date listed in the first column. I want to move some of this data to a file called things.xls which has the date listed in the first row, with two columns in between each date. I was thinking I could apply a variable to the first date in...
  3. R

    Dynamic DIM names - is it possible?

    I have approximately 200 variables that I need to populate with values from one of my sheets at initialization. Currently, I have approximately 200 "if" statements to perform this task. example: In Module 1 (only has my Public definitions): Public CRptNameC as Integer Public CRptNameR as...

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