1. D

    Deactivate connectors from shapes

    Hi all :) Does anyone know a VBA code that would allow me to deactivate connectors from shapes. Here see an example Because what I would like is to turn the shapes at 180 degrees without moving the connectors. That's why I'm...
  2. D

    Rotate text in cells or in shapes by 180 degrees

    Dear all, Does anyone know any VBA code that would allow me to rotate text by 180 degrees in specific cells, kmowing the texts contained in the cells are linked to specific shapes. I want to keep the text and do not want an image ... I'm open to any ideas, even if it's include to use Word or...
  3. L

    speedometer excel 2013

    hi i just want to create a speedometer from excel starts from start from 275 and end with 320.also it should be 270 degrees. how can i make it.
  4. W

    Stuck with Relational Database

    I wonder if someone can help please? I'm trying to create a Relational database to record sightings I have made of railway locomotives on different dates and at different places. I've worked my way thro' some Youtube videos and also looked into how some other relational databases are related...
  5. T

    Using excel to count number of revolutions

    Hi, I work with planetary data and would like to seek help to use excel to count the number of revolutions each time 360 degrees is passed. The catch is there is retrograde motion causing the degrees to move backwards. Example data (Degrees): 15 100 125 150 158 180 165 120 90 130 190 240 357 8...
  6. E

    Angles & Degrees

    Hi, I don't know if Excell can do this or which other software can do it. If width is 40cm and length is 280cm as in the picture, how can I find the degrees of the angles in red (without a protractor ) ? Maybe there is a software that i can draw this drawing and it tells me the exact...
  7. M

    Calculate Roof degrees

    Hello every1 I need yor help to calculate the roof degrees. i am a little limit on my english regarding term on roof, slope (rise) and all these words :( but to come up with an exxample height to ridge is 6m and wall height is 2,6m which means we have 3,4m height in attic room. the house width...
  8. R

    Radians in UDF

    Hello, Please review this formula to see why it does not work as a UDF. It will work in the spreadsheet by either referencing cells that contain the degrees or by hard entering the degrees. Purpose is to find the cosine of the product of the cosine of two angels. <colgroup><col...
  9. matthewlouis

    Stock Price Angle of Ascent

    Hello Experts, I am trying to calculate the angle of ascent of stock prices as I am looking for an alert once that angle is over 45 degrees. Is that what the slope formula calculates using price and time? Do I then need to convert the slope to degrees? Thanks in advance!
  10. S

    Signs with Degrees

    Dear friends, I am preparing some excel sheets, in one column I have list of degrees in decimal i.e. 165.304, 3.254 etc. One sign consist of 30 degrees. I want this converted in to Signs and degrees. 165.304 = 5 Signs and 15.304 is the answer or 3.254 = 0 Signs and 3.254 Is there any formula...
  11. N

    Geographic Co-ordinate conversion....° ' and '' to ° and decimal minutes

    I need a formulae to convert degrees, minutes, seconds (and decimals - eg 55° 51' 02.3305) to degrees and decimal minutes (eg 55° 51.0388425'). I have 116 (:() lats. and longs to convert and doing them manually is taking an age and very prone to errors! Many thanks in advance. NigelTheDrog
  12. C

    Rotate image if cell ends with "B"

    Hello all. I have found a few articles but nothing that really matches what im trying to acheive. I would like if B2 end with the letter B then shape "Up Arrow 1" rotates to 180 degrees elsewise keep at 0 degrees. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. T

    how to build a bell curve with infinite degrees of freedom?!

    Hi Guys, i'm trying to create a bell curve for returns given a level of volatility. I need to calculate the infinite degrees of freedom for every point on the bell curve. I've search all over and found various methods for calculating the various deviations but cant find out how to work out...
  14. S

    Determine Target Distance Given Depression Angle and Altitude

    Ok, I'm not a programmer and my excel skills are stretched to the max at this point. Problem I am in an aircraft with a camera, on a gimbal. I know my altitude, I know my depression angle of my camera, should be simple enough to find my distance. Unfortunately I have no idea how to...
  15. A

    Average the degrees on a compass

    I'm trying to figure out a way to average directions given in compass degrees- where 0 is north, 90 is east, 180 is south, 270 is west and 360 is back to north. It is easy until I get two compass readings that are north east and north west-- for example, an average of 350 degrees and 10...
  16. H

    How to Convert Text to Degrees?

    Good Day, I want to convert my text in cell A1 and it contains 9-16-32 and I would like to make a formula that the result would be in Cell A2 is (9º 16.32‘N) I wonder if it's possible. If it's possible I will be gladly appreciate your help. Thanks & God Bless
  17. M

    Working with DEGREES, RADIANS and compass headings ...

    I'm in a bit of a jam. I'm trying to figure out an Excel spreadsheet problem using RADIANS and DEGREES and just can't seem to figure it out. This has to do with ship (maritime) navigation. Here's the problem: I want to input any given course within the 360° of a circle and output the...

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