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  1. M

    Macro call on delete

    I can make my macro call work with an entry of zero, however, I would like to make it work upon "Delete"!!! Any Suggestions???:confused:
  2. A

    Delete cell content in entire workbook if background color is yellow

    I am looking for a vba code that would delete the content of a cell based on its background color. My workbook has several worksheets in which cells have a light yellow background if the user can input in them. Now I created a button which would reset the entire model, ie delete the content...
  3. V

    How can I resize excel sheet to fit to my use.

    Hi Friends, I have an excel sheet in which I am using only A1:G32 cells. Rest all of them are blank and of no use to me. I this possible that I can remove them completely so that they shouldn't appear at all on the sheet instead of remaining blank.
  4. R

    Message Box upon delete command

    Hi, I am looking for a macro that will load a message box everytime a user of a spreadsheet wants to delete a cell or selection. Basically, if you try to delete a cell, before the clear contents command is carried out, a message box pops up and asks if you wish to delete the cell or not...
  5. B

    Find reference errors and delete

    Hello, As a beginner I am having a tough time writing out some VBA. I am attempting to write out a macro that will find all reference errors within a range, select those cells along with the cell immediately adjacent to the left, and delete them (shifting cells upward). Can anyone help?

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