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    Delete content of Word chapters but keep the title - VBA

    Hello, I hope all of you are healthy. I have a word document that contains several chapters including assessments concerning various topics. Since I have to update the document each week, I have tried to write a macro that deletes the contents of all chapters, but keeps the title of the...
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    Help with building macro to create new rows and copy and paste cell content into new rows

    Hello, I have been manually doing a process all day long and I want a macro that allows me to highlight a row and do the actions automatically. Can someone on the board take a look at this and help me make a macro? The column looks like this originally: <tbody> Serial Date Title Name A Name B...
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    Possible Loop Solution Needed: Delete Row Based On Conditions

    Objective: To have no more of 10 specialties per name. The 10 specialties must be the same each time I run it even if there is an introduction of a new specialty next time I run it. Whatever is greater than 10 specialties with the same name should have it's entire row deleted. Problem: I have...
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    Delete cell content in entire workbook if background color is yellow

    I am looking for a vba code that would delete the content of a cell based on its background color. My workbook has several worksheets in which cells have a light yellow background if the user can input in them. Now I created a button which would reset the entire model, ie delete the content...

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