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    VBA to Remove all rows in Table that contains a speified text string

    I have search the forum but found no thread that was able to solve my issue: I have a spreadsheet named "Files" in which I have a table named "data" where header begins in row 2. My header in column A2 is "filenumber" and in that column I need to delete entire row where the text "voc" appears...
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    VBA Delete row if column contains certain text but ignore if a different text is in a different column

    Hi, looking for some help to take this macro a step further. An illustration below but this is not exact because my sheet will vary with different number of rows daily. What I'm trying to do: If column E is "0" then delete entire row but if column B has "RK003" then do not delete that row, even...
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    Need help deleting rows based on cell criteria

    Hi all, So I have four columns of data and I am trying to delete entire rows based on a cell's value in a particular column. I need to do this for two columns (column B and column D in my data). The first column (B) I do it for works just fine and takes my data from 25397 rows down to 11715...

    Delete rows from list on another sheet?

    Hi All I have on sheet 1 a whole contacts database. eg : Column "A" contains Names "B" telefone numbers "C" emails. ext. on Sheet 3 i have a list of emails. how can i have a macro or something lookup the mail list on sheet 3 and delete the corresponding ROW on sheet 1 ?:warning:
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    VBA code to clean up a sheet (Entire Row Delete)

    Hi Guys I hope someone with more VBA than I have can help. I am trying to create code to clean up a sheet. What I need is to test the values in Column "T" starting at "T2". The cells in this column contains either a space or a delete flag (set at 1). If the flag is set to "1" I need to delete...

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