delete file

  1. A

    Delete File in current folder

    Hi everyone, Iam trying to write a small code using the KILL Command to delete a file called "Monthly Summary.xlsm" from the current folder. Thank you
  2. B

    VBA to normalize files in a folder

    First of all, thank you for all the support I got here during my previous question. I much appreciate it. I am still learning VBA, slowly getting the hang of it, but now I've ran across a complex problem which I have just no idea how to handle. Here is how it goes. I have my workbook stored...
  3. D

    Macro to open sheets, rename sheets as number plus event name and then close with save as new name

    I am using Excel 2007 and Windows Vista. I am using a set of 40 spreadsheets for tracking sporting events and sorting out the results and then the winners name and the number of competitors in each event is linked to a master tally sheet for review. I also use the master tally sheet to...
  4. F

    Delete files using a macro

    I have a summary file that contains several tabs for each supplier, and summarizes that data on the Summary tab. The data needs to be sent each month to each supplier. I have a macro that copies the data for each supplier into a separate workbook, and saves the workbook with the Supplier name...
  5. JackDanIce

    File delete

    Hi, I have the following code: Sub DeleteFile () Dim TestFile As workbook Set TestFile = ActiveWorkbook ' switch to another defined file ' do some stuff TestFile.Close Save = False Kill TestFile End Sub The macro stops at the Kill TestFile line with error message: "Run-time...

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