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    Delete two lines above bookmark - keep bookmark VBA

    Hello, I hope you all are well. I want to write a macro to delete two lines above a bookmark in a word document. So far so good, but the bookmark itself should not be deleted. I have come up with the following code: Sub DeletetwoLinesAboveBookmark1() Dim r As Word.Range Set r =...
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    Macro to delete certain text within the excel sheet

    I have a large amount of data that is imported on a weekly basis into a worksheet, due to the large amount of data, it has become overwhelming to look for certain text contained in a cell and delete. I'm looking for someone who can help me with a macro that I can add into my excel sheet that...
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    Finding date inconcistency's

    I have a complicated question. I've downloaded my transaction log from and converted the results into a table with the headings, "Date", "Description", "Original Description", "Amount", "Type", "Account" I've noticed though, that the "Date" column contains discrepancies with the actual...
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    Conditional locking/deleting?

    Hi, My question is: I'd like to lock and delete the contents of several cells depending on the content of a different cell. More specifically, If F4 has any value at all (the options are "Individual", "Individual + Spouse", "Individual + Child" and "Family" -- my spreadsheet is about health...
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    Delete cell without from other cell

    How folks I was looking for the answer for following question. I need formula which delete text in A1 once some text in B1 is entered. However formula canot be in A1. I did not find anything.... Thanks
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    Bold lines that contains 'Total'

    I often make use of Excel's built-in 'Subtotal' function. What is the most economic code to (i) find the rows that contain the subtotals, (ii) delete the word 'Total', and (iii) bold the rows that contain the subtotals? Thanks in advance!!

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