delete worksheet

  1. P

    Deleting a worksheet based on a drop down list value

    I have a spreadsheet set up with thousands of worksheets, however I do not need them all depending on the value of a drop down list. Any ideas how I can do this?
  2. L

    Delete Worksheet if 'text' is found within it

    Hi, I would like a macro to delete my worksheet called 'Scorecard' if the word 'abandoned' is found within it. The current macro imports web data but if it imports one with the word 'abandoned' on it I would like the whole worksheet (Scorecard) to be deleted. Let me know if you need anymore...
  3. M

    Copy and Rename worksheet in Shared workbook

    I have created a "Time Clock" spreadsheet that is shared with other hourly employees in my office. I have some vba code which will copy a "template" worksheet and rename it according to the employee using the workbook. It works fine until I set the workbook to be a SHARED workbook. How can I...
  4. MarkCBB

    Delect all Worksheets that begind with Sheet

    Hi There, This is a strange request for some code. I need some code that is Triggered "On Open" of the workbook, that deletes all the worksheets of that workbook that begin with Sheet. I.e. if I have 3 Sheets And I name one MASTER, and the other 2 are called Sheet1 and Sheet2, they must be...
  5. S

    can't delete a worksheet in another worksheet

    Hi guys, help me with this cause i'm totally freaking out the error is probably very stupid but i can't find it i spent two hours looking everywhere i simply wrote a macro that deletes (hopefully) a sheet in another workbook here's the code: Sub aaa() Dim excelApp As Excel.Application Dim...
  6. M

    Delete Empty Worksheets

    Hello, I would like to create a macro that searches a workbook to determine how many worksheets contain data. It will delete the empty worksheets and record in an array, the position of the active worksheets. So far I'm getting stuck on the delete function "A workbook must contain at least...
  7. N

    Deleting worksheets

    I am deleting a protected worksheet by first unprotceting it and then using the worksheets("nam").delete method.The Worksheet gets deleted but as soon as it completes executing the line for deleting the sheet(i.e. worksheets("nam").delete ) it shows a message "Cannot enter break mode at...

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