1. G

    Delete all files when date arrives

    Hello, files with the extension on the specified date need automatic deletion. .csv.pdf.xla.xlam.xls.xls.xlsb.xlsm.xlsx can you help me? ****** id="cke_pastebin" style="position: absolute; top: 72px; width: 1px; height: 1px; overflow: hidden; left: -1000px;">can you help me</body>
  2. R

    Deletion macro

    Hello forum I'm new here s apologies f I don't get his right, I have a macro code that deletes rows if a cell in column A contains "/C/, but runs a little slow, the code is below. Would anybody be able to improve on this please Thanks in advance SubCat() Application.ScreenUpdating= False...
  3. H

    Vba code to Restrict the deletion rights from Outlook

    Hi, Is there any way to restrict the deletion rights from Outlook? I dont want my team to delete any email in their outlook. Regards, AS
  4. W

    Conditional Filtering

    Good morning I have a table that contains a column which has pairs of rows containing the same value. I want to hide all rows where the value in this column is the same as the next row. For example, in the case below I want to hide rows 5-10 and display only rows 1-4. I have achieved the...
  5. D

    VBA - row deletion variables

    Is it possible to delete multiple rows based on the following? My original file is about 50,000 lines and each of the scenarios below could have hundreds of rows each. 1) If the first digit of the four digit number is a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 9 2) If the 7 digit number is 6141 432 3)If the range of...
  6. T

    VBA or formula to mark or delete rows if not in range

    Hello, On Excel 2010. Not sure if VBA is necessary here: I have two work sheets. Sheet1 with 10000 rows and the Sheet2 with 500 or so. All of Sheet2's data is in Sheet1. Sheet2 is just one column with values in column A; if those values are not in a specified column on Sheet1, i.e. any extra...
  7. T

    Better way to do a loop, small inquiry

    Good day everyone! I have this code, that for some reason it is not being performed entirely over the used range E.g. There are 30 rows, ONLY from project "B" if I say in the box that I want the Project "A" it does not delete all of the Project B rows, just few... So how do I get the code to...
  8. M

    VBA File Conversion then delete original

    Good morning everyone! First time posting on this forum. Can anyone help me with this code? What it does is it allows me to place a folder path name on column A of a spreadsheet, and then it will look for all of the .xls files and save them as .xlsb. However, I also need it to delete the...
  9. P

    Deletion of rows with multiple criteria

    Hi guys, I have just started to learn excel vba, so please do bear with me here. I have a large sheet of data, and will require a macro to delete any two rows with opposite but equal amount in the cells of the fourth column, but provided that both rows start with S in the cells of the second...
  10. B

    Select based on partial string then delete based on full string

    Hello, Working with a scheduling report and trying ultimately to get it down to a line item report with the associate information and their earliest start and latest end for the week. Already made a lot of fixes to the formatting involving junking empty cells and trash data, but running into a...
  11. E

    Deleting all rows above selected cell

    I need a macro that will delete all rows above the selected cell. I've tried a few things, but I can't seem to get the macro to select backward and then delete the rows. It keeps deleting the column.

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