1. D

    Adding numerator and denominator in same cell

    Not sure if this is possible, but I am looking to add both the numerator and denominators and total them in a final cell. It is to track individual phone calls answered vs total phone calls received from a call center. Example. B2- 74/326 (74 answered, 326 total calls) C2- 55/245 D2-...
  2. S

    IFERROR with zero denominator

    Hello - I cannot get my formula to work with a zero as the denominator for all calculations. It works for majority but not all. My criteria is as follows: A B Result 1092 329 232% 376 448 -16% 0 0 N/A...
  3. F

    Separating Numerator and Denominator of a Fraction formatted Cell into two Separate Cells

    I have a cell (A1) with a decimal value of 0.34375 in an adjacent cell (B1) which is equal to (A1) but is formatted as a fraction function with two digits to give a fraction of 11/32. Is there any way I can convert the fraction into two different cells (C1) and (D1) one for the numerator (C1)...
  4. F

    Limit Data Entry into Cell so that it is greater than entry in Previous Cell

    I have two cells for entering in integer values for anumerator and denominator to be used in a spreadsheet for adding Feet, Inches,and Fraction of an Inch for two or multiple tape measure measurements or steelrule measurements.The numerator and denominator determine the value of the fraction of...
  5. T

    Extracting Numerator and Denominator to Difference Cells

    Hello, I am attempting to extract both the numerator and denominator of a fraction into separate individual cells. For example, a fraction of 209/69, I am seeking your assistance in a formula that can have the 209 and 69 in two separate cells. The fraction varies from one digit in the...
  6. J

    Adding Numerators from fractions

    I am adding numerators from fractions and currently using this formula: =SUMPRODUCT(--(LEFT(0&I35:I38,FIND("/",0&I35:I38)-1))) <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> 25/20 20/20 19/20 19/20 </tbody> 83 I want my formula to cap out at the denominator however, for example on my first cell IF...
  7. N

    Stop fractions from showing as lowest common

    How do I stop 6/18 from reducing to 1/3, even though it's formatted to two digits.
  8. 4

    Graphing in EXCEL

    I am curious, I have a simple bar graph that shows data after it has been calculated. I am wondering if there is a way to show in the same graph the numerator and denominator that resulted in that calculation (to give more information for the data) without adding more bars in the graph. Thank...

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