dependant lists

  1. A

    Display Multiple Column Data in Listbox based on Combo Box selection

    Hello ! I am trying to fill a multi-column ListBox based on a selection on a ComboBox (being populated through RowSource property). I am having an issue because the code works but is only showing the first row of data found and not all of them. I believe its because its not in a loop, but not...
  2. O

    VBA- Multiple selection dependent list

    Hello, I am creating a data base in which I need to control the entries for two separate categories. e.g. Regions and counties. I have a column for Regions and a column for counties. My end goal is to have a Userform or list for Regions which pops up and lists all the regions in the UK, and...
  3. C

    Large Dependent Data Validation, 1 Range, Multiple Values

    Hello All, I have UTFSE however i really am having difficulty explaining this issue so please bear with me. I have a list of products and its used for Data Validation, the idea is i can just select the product name, the next step is to be offered a list that will only show me the relevant...
  4. G

    List of questions depending on cell selection

    Hi, I wonder if there is a way of Displaying a list, depending on the selection of a given cell. For example, if A1 has a drop down list of Cars and Cells B1:B5 displays the name of types of the selected Cars (If A1 = BMW then B1:B5 = X1, X3, X5, A3 & Z4 respectively, and if A1 = Mercedes then...
  5. D

    2 Dependant list - 2 clear 2nd list input when selection change in 1st list

    Hi Experts, I have 2 validation lists. 1 is options of Quarter number and 2 is the month names. 2nd list content will depend on the selection on 1st list. eg. if user select Q1 in 1st list, 2nd list will only show Jan, Feb and Mar. However, if I make the next change in 1st list, say Q2, the...
  6. B

    Dependant list with illegal characters and multiple words

    Hi guys, I have had a look for answers to this problem and keep getting stuck. I will try to simplify the scenario. I need to generate a dependant list, however the first range has cells with illegal characters (&) and multiple words. I'm not sure which is causing me problems to be honest...
  7. F

    Dependant Lists

    Hi, I have a question related to using Data Validation to make Dependant Lists, ie. lists that vary depending on selections made from another list. I have this working when I use definite range name references ie. List1 =Sheet1!$A$2:$A$5 List2 =Sheet1!$B$2:$B$4 and so on. However if I wish to...
  8. M

    Dependant list kind of thing

    Hello, I came here to ask for help about a list problem. I made a list in a sheet which we can say is called Dashboard. Then in another sheet which we can say is called Costs. In Dashboard there is this 1 2 3 4 5 1 Food Costs 2 LIST 3 LIST Imagine the LISTs...
  9. P

    drop down list with multiple dependencies

    I want to know if it's possible to have a drop down list which depends on EITHER of the mulitple dependency lists. At the moment Im using =INDIRECT(A1) which populates a drop down list based what is chosen in a single cell reference A1 But I want a drop down list based on what is chosen in...
  10. N

    dependant lists and manual text entry problem

    Hi all, I am relatively new to Excel. I have figured out how to use named ranges as lists and use INDIRECT Data Validation to have a list's selection made in one cell populate a new list in an adjacent cell. However, I have a situation I cannot figure out to save my life. A1 contains a list...
  11. J

    Multiple Dependent Data Validation List based on ONE Data Validation List

    I hope someone can help me with this or point me to a post about this. I wasn't able to find anything. :( I've figured out how to use DV Lists and Dependant Lists, but I'm unable to create multiple Dependant Lists (with varying data) to point to the value chosen in one DV List. I can't use...
  12. R

    complex dynamic dependant list validation

    I have looked at a number of the dependant list validations and none seem to accomplish what i'm looking for. Here is my scenario: I have a listing of symptom, cause, and action codes and these build on one another. When a symptom code is selected i want the cause list to be filtered on...

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