dependent data

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    If X in C4, copy to E4, Dependent Validation

    I've set up Dependent Data Validation so when a specific Session is selected only specific options are available in the next two columns. However, the third column the user is to input a number. The only restriction is for the Session called Previous Group. Those two dependent validation columns...
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    Fix issue with duplicates in Data Validation and Dependent Data Lists

    I am trying to create a spreadsheet that takes data from another spreadsheet and produces drop-down menus for each field (removing duplicates), while narrowing down our next selections based on using indirect(). What I originally did was follow tutorials like this. It works, but only for the...
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    How do you lock, link, or associate a single row of data so it stays together during a sort on another worksheet?

    I have a spreadsheet in which Worksheet 1 is a master list of names andgroup assignments. Worksheet 2 sorts these names into the respective groups. Worksheets 3 and 4 are group specific worksheets, pulling the sorted group lists from worksheet 2 into column A. Attendance Data for each...
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    need unique client dishcarge count dependent on having a discharge date

    Hello. I need some help with an array formula to count the unique clients discharged, provided they have a discharge date in another column in the same row. I know how to do unique count, but don't know how to make it to where on the unique client #'s with a discharge date are counted (some...
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    dependent data from dropdown

    easy one im sure, but i cant work it out! :confused::confused::confused: If cell A had a working dropdown menu, how does one make Cell B apply data based on that choice: i.e if user chooses apple from cell one, the quantity of apple in cell 2 ALWAYS 6 if user chooses orange from cell one, the...

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