dependent listboxes

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    VB dependent list

    I have a form one of my departments uses. I want the list to populate according to the previous entry. For example, if FRMCOMBO3= MyArray(25) = "ND-NEGLIGENCE DEFENSE", then in FRMCOMBO9 only list Insurance or slip and fall. Right now FRMCOMBO9 just lists all the case types. I would like...
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    Combobox date value as lookup value, populate to textbox on Userform

    Greetings, I’m using excel 2013, version 15. I’ve designed a userform (frmDataInput) where the user selects a week-ending date from a combobox (WEBox). The values for the combobox are located in worksheet 8, column I. What I’m trying to do is populate a text box (DateBox1) with the...
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    Excel Data Validation - Create Dependent Lists

    I've been doing some searching on the web and I have been unable to get any info on what I want to do. there are links with the fruit examlpe and the country/ city expmple but they fall short on what I need done. Here's my problem. I have this table in EXCEL what I want to do is have a cell that...
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    Dependent Listboxes

    Hi All, i don't know whether it is possible or not for listboxes but i am just wondering if it is possible to make 3 Listboxes in Excel-VBA where Listbox2 is dependent upon Listbox1 and so on. i know it is possible for single selection(Combo) through data validation where we need to arrange...

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