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    Detecting "errors" in formulas

    Hi everyone, sorry for language misstakes first, but i'll try to do my best to elaborate problem. I have some problem with detecting "errors" in formulas. I have table with simple formula, example, in cell F6 is "=ROUND(D6*E6;2)". How can i check that in that cell F6 are exactly D6 and E6, or...
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    Detecting Changes in a Column for a Given ID

    Hi all. So I have a list of Employee IDs in column A and Dates in Column B. How would I go about writing a formula to tell me when a date is unique for a given ID. For example. Employee ID 1091 has 5 dates associated with it in Column B, but only 2 are unique, how would I go about calling out...
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    How to determine if an .xls file contains VBA Code

    Hi, I have several hundred spreadsheets to go through and detect wether it contains VBA code. I have the complete path of each file in a cell, is there a way to detect if the file contains vba code, without opening each file individually? Your help is greatly appreciated!

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