difference between rows

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    Subindexing and Marginal Differencing

    I have this dataset: <tbody> User Date Time A 9/1/2019 8:00 AM A 9/1/2019 10:00 AM A 9/1/2019 4:00 PM A 9/1/2019 5:00 PM A 9/2/2019 8:00 AM A 9/2/2019 5:00 PM B 9/1/2019 9:00 AM B 9/1/2019 3:00 PM B 9/1/2019 5:00 PM </tbody> The first thing I want to do is add a subindex on...
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    Formula to calculate difference between values.

    Hi all, I need a formula that will allow me to help calculate the difference between a value and the next value upwards. so for example as per the table below Megans quarterly billings are 12,458, i need a formula that will calculate the difference between this value and the nearest value up...
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    Find Differences in Two Lists

    Page 295 and 296 of Power Excel with Mr. Excel. The tip utilizes the Go to Special - Row Differences command to highlight differences in the two lists and repeatedly pressing F4 to highlight differences in different columns. Problem I'm having is that I cannot get this tip to work. Thought...
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    Calculate difference in pivot table

    My database is a set of dates, products and sales values. I created a pivot table like this: <tbody> Product Date1 Date2 (DIF????) A 100 120 B 80 90 </tbody> I am trying to set a column to automatically calculate the difference between the two dates, without sucess. My first try was...

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