different rows

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    Looping Through Rows To Evaluate Mulitiple Columns?

    Data is set up as such, with first row being titles: --A --------------B------------------ C----------------- D Blank0 ------Luxury Status -------Region--------- Region Flag ---------------Non-Luxury ----------Central ---------------Non-Luxury ---------- East ---------------Non-Luxury...
  2. R

    Total data that is on seperate rows

    Im new here and have been racking my brain for over a week trying many things, researching, and I cant seem to simplify this. I could spend the time and filter, sort and weed out all the information I dont need to eventually get the numbers I am looking for, but I know there is a simpler way. I...
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    Rows to repeat at top: that are NOT contiguous and complete

    Hi, I'm trying to select rows 1 through 5 & row 15 to repeat at the top, but when I try to select those rows in page setup it says, "Print titles must be contiguous and complete rows or columns." Is there any way around this? Thanks, Laurinda :)
  4. J

    Using Sumif for different rows & columns

    Hello, I have rows of data, the first is the Networkdays for each month. The second row has the Days Reported from staff for each month. In the next column I'm trying to show the difference between the Networkdays and the Days Reported. As the spreadsheet will be filled in monthly I need a...

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