dim as integer

  1. B

    Error checking - Dim i as Integer

    Hello, I have the following code to check that each cell = 0. There are 12 cells, for each month of the year and I was trying to make it flag up which periods did not equal zero. However, this code will only show "Period1". Thanks in advance With Sheet22 Dim i As Integer i =...
  2. Nayasoch

    Declare Dim as Integer and Boolean or Long

    I have this code which doesn't work and when I complie and run It shows Error Variable not defined and highlights the CurrentChart or ChartNum. As I am aware Dim var1, var2 can be declared but in my case it is not working if I remove Dim ret As Long Dim formHWnd As Long It works again...
  3. U

    Compile error: ByRef argument type mismatch in function call

    I have had this problem before but never in something so simple. In this case it is looking at the variable DataRowCount that is defined as an Integer in the function and assigned the value of 1 in the subroutine. In the subroutine I get the Compile error and it highlights the variable. Can...
  4. G

    How do I automatically hid rows on a cell selection?

    Hi In one cell I have a Data Validation list so the users can choose a question. (Source: Choose, Automation?, No Automation?) If they choose "Choose" I would like to hide rows 59 to 79. If they choose "Automation?" I would like to hide rows 59 to 63. And if they choose "No automation?" I...

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