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  1. P

    Search for file in userform and return directory and open pdf file

    Hi All, I have an urgent request. In a userform using Browsebutton, user will search for partial text in textbox then click browse. I would like this to open directory in " G: 'textbox.text'/ folder ", then user can open pdf/word/excel formatted files, in the applicable/relevant applications...
  2. Rymare

    Cell from Range, then set cell.value as Directory

    I have a userform that takes a mess of inputs from the user, and churns out a list of file paths for certain folders. You input a region, then a district (many districts in a region, then a city (there are many cities in a district), then the form lists all the atlases in that city (many atlases...
  3. C

    Automated Excel Workbook Updating

    Hi all, Please could someone assist with a project that I am starting? What I would like to do is create a program that will open (one at a time) all workbooks in a specific directory. Once open I need it to open and then close a number of other workbooks from another directory. The purpose of...
  4. L

    VBA Open most recent file LIKE in directory

    I've been at this for hours with google sending me to obsolete and older code that no longer works for office 2013. *sigh :mad: Ok, so I have a simple request. I need to look in Dir$("P:\path"), find most recent file of "Internal-EOM-201*" & ".xlsx", open it and define it for later reference...
  5. J

    Expert help needed to restrict directory search to date

    I have a current macro that is based on previously used macros. It is used for tracking incoming files that process downstream. The only major problem I have right now is trying to restrict the directory search to the current date (or the one enter into B4). Any help would be greatly...
  6. D

    Loop files in subfolders

    Excel 2003 I wish to loop through all subfolders, select Rps*.xls files, open them, perform some operations through a code, and save and close the files. Directory path: C:\Databank\MRP05\Protec\ Could someone tell me how this can be achieved?
  7. A

    How to know the Availability of a file in the directory?

    I have shared drive mapped to directory "M:\\". I have lot of folders and and subfolders in it. I want to run a macro which would search the folder name (Column A) in the directory and find the availability of the "Part of the File Name"(Column C)) and return Available/Not Available in Column...
  8. A

    How to search files from a directory with two keywords in file name???

    I have a shared drive mapped to directory "M:\\" I need to search a file from one of the folders in the directory. I'm able to list all the files from a folder in a excel sheet by specifying the path in the program. But I don't know how to search a individual file in the folder with two...
  9. G

    Marco Directory Search Problem from excel 2000 to 2007

    Hi i've just upgraded my Excel from 2000 to 2007 and now this macro have stop working Sub Dirlist() Dim i As Long With Application.FileSearch .NewSearch ' *** Change Folder name to suit *** .LookIn = "C:\My Documents" .SearchSubFolders = True...
  10. G

    Directory lookup with hyperlinks?

    Hi I have the Macro below that will search throught a directory and list the .Xls in it. What I am now trying to do with this is to create a hyperlink from the results that will take me right to the spreadsheet? Is there anything i can easily put in Thanks to anyone that can help :) Sub...

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