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    VBA Which allows paste but not cut or copy

    Hi Excelers, I have found numerous VBA codes that disables cut/copy and paste functions in an excel workbook, but what I need is the ability to paste and the disability to cut or copy. Additionally If I can deactivate the "prt scrn" functionality that would be a nice bonus. Thanks in...
  2. P

    disable cut and paste allowed to copy and paste values

    please help on the master VBA macros excel how to disable cut and paste may be to copy and paste values:confused:
  3. A

    Disable cut/copy of shape and images

    Hi all, I hope you can help me with this problem (I surfed a lot on the web but I couldn't find anything about it): I have to disable cut copy and paste in excel 2007 file expecially for images and shapes object. for istance, I want the user to be able to create an arrow, but I do not want him...
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    disable cut, copy, paste

    I currently have a macro that copies and creates a new sheet. It also copies and special pastes in serveral cells within the sheets. I'm trying to disable the users ability to cut, copy, and paste, and allow my existing macro to run. Anybody know a way to disable cut, copy, and paste, but...

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