1. Grizlore

    VBA to send email hanging and/or "ole waiting another application"

    Hi All, I have has some code which takes information from a Userform, saves it into a worksheet, then creates an email from some of the fields. This has worked for years... but now it has stopped working (for me) it still works for others. Any ideas. I am sure it isn't code related as that...
  2. F

    Worksheet Change - ScreenUpdating

    Hi, I`m using Worksheet_Change to put values in table. I set DisplayAlerts and ScreenUpdating to FALSE. Application.DisplayAlerts = False Application.ScreenUpdating = False If Target.Address = "$D$9" Then For g = 1 To rowdata_lr ...... next g End if...
  3. C

    VBA Problem- Overriding a Display Alert/Message Box

    I've written a macro that opens a Workbook with links to other workbooks (which are closed). I have set Application.DisplayAlerts = False The problem is that a message box still pops up, and it stops the macro. "The workbook contains links to other data sources." with a Yes/No prompt. How...

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