1. C

    Getting Rid of an #DIV/0! Error

    I am calculating an average from another workbook and am trying to get rid of this error without having to insert a 0. I have tried an IFError but cannot figure it out. This is my formula: =AVERAGE('\\netapp5\group\CommunityServices\^Department\Aquatics Files\Batherloads\Monthly Batherload...
  2. C

    Excel 2016 - pivot table value filtering not working correctly

    Hello, I am using EXCEL 2016. I have my Pivot Table and only want to see values greater than zero. When I use value filter (in the pivot table) and select "value filters" then "greater than" and enter the number "1", I'm still seeing values "DIV/0!". Can anyone tell me why...
  3. M

    Help Adding Top Border and Back ground Color to Macro and Also help with #DIV/0!

    Below is my current Macro, and I could use some help with a few things. 1) For each F,G,H,I,J end sample ranges that use the formulas, I want a Medium thickness, continuous, top Border. Also, I would like the cell to be highlighted yellow. 2) Sometimes the J column formula will show up as...
  4. C

    DIV/0! error HELP :(

    Hi Guys, I am trying to return a blank from the below function, however my ISERROR doesn't seem to be working? Can anyone shead some light? Thanks BEFORE ERROR CHECK...

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